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*Why Is This Amazing Challenge Free?  
1.  These are unprecedented times and I want to help you bring your message to life - risk-free.  2. You don't know me, like me, or trust me (yet).  This is my shameless opportunity to WOW you so you might buy other products and services from me in the near future. 
Dear Aspiring Children’s Book Author,

Do you ever feel a mental tug of war?

A burning desire to write a children’s book - and so much more?

You love to write and have a story to share...

A meaningful message, because you care.

But too often voices creep in your head…

Telling the reasons your dream should be dead.
Who are you to think you can write?

You’re not an author, it’s not worth the fight.

The negative self-talk refuses to quit.

You’re overwhelmed with the “book industry” pit.

How do I get published?  What if I’m rejected?

The market is saturated.  I’ll never be selected.

I don’t write well, and if I try?

Nobody will like it, and they won’t want to buy!
For years, this tug of war took place...

Between my head and heart - a never-ending race.

Maybe, like me, you have a feeling inside...

Calling you to do what will bring you PRIDE.

To ignore the voices inside your head...

To WRITE YOUR BOOK and get it read.

Why does your head seem to get in the way?

And deceive your heart and lead it astray?

I spent a decade of frustration, in search of the key.

To unlock the calling beckoning me.
How do I FULFILL what’s inside of my heart?

I hadn't a clue.  Where do I start?

I wrote lofty goals and created vision boards.

I joined writing groups and spent more than I could afford.

I looked to others for accountability.

I forced myself up at 5am, but couldn’t get past ME.

None of it worked.  None of it could.

I was lost and confused.  I MISUNDERSTOOD!

Then ONE IDEA entered my mind.

It allowed me to see.  I had been so blind.

It’s not about craft or what you love to do.

It’s not a hobby to be finished someday.

No.  It’s NOT about you.  Get out of the way!


The families.  The children.  The precious little gems.

They are the ones who all this is for...

The desire you feel is not a gift - it’s so much more.

It might be a passion you feel, hear, and see.

But it’s far from a privilege.  It’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!
It is an OBLIGATION! You MUST follow through.

There’s a REASON the desire was given to you.

Yes, you might grow and develop new skills.

But this feeling you have is YOUR PURPOSE to be fulfilled.

When I finally understood what I needed to understand.

The negative thoughts washed like dirt off my hands.

The doubts and the fears I had held for so long...

Lost their power over me - I'd finally grown strong.
I still didn't know the book industry ways.

The words, “self-publishing,” were just a fancy phrase.

I didn't consider myself an author or writer.

But I got it done - because I was a fighter!

I published eight books and dozens are in store.

Writing children’s books has opened so many doors.
Now I am called to show you the way.

That’s why I’m hosting a challenge that takes just 5 days.

During the 5-Day Write a Children’s Book Challenge, you will work and you will write,

And then your first children’s book will be in sight!

You might be wondering if this is possible or real?

100% of my past students were successful - there have been no appeals.
THERE IS A CATCH! This you must know...

You MUST do the work.  Everyday you must show.

I expect you to take action and participate.

I don’t want anybody who just wants to skate.

I am looking for people ready, willing and able...

To take appropriate action and finish their fable.

I believe there will be more stories of success.

There will be testimonials and case studies - I won’t accept less.
Consider the idea that YOU'LL be the next one.

Give it a shot, it will be so much fun.

But heed this advice, or you’re sure to fail.

You MUST be committed to follow my trail.

I’ll give you the tools.  I’ll provide you the maps...

You must have resolve.  You must act fast.

I hope that’s okay.  I’m sure you agree.

So click the blue button and journey with me...
I’ll show you the way, I promise you this.

This is a challenge, you don’t want to miss.

There’s a tug of war happening inside of your mind.

NOW is the time to leave it behind.

You've got nothing to lose.  Give it a chance!

This is your moment.  Take your true stance.

I’m humbled and honored.  You fill me with pride.

Now click the blue button, and I'll see you inside...
Andrew L. Ramirez
Author, Rise Beyond and the Adventures of Alex and Andi 
Creator, Write a Children's Book Challenge
Time Sensitive:  Do not miss this incredibly unique learning experience where you will be equipped with proven tactics, tools and trade secrets to write your children's book in 5 days for FREE.
Can Something FREE Really Be Worth My Time?
Don't Take My Word!  Listen to What They Have to Say!
Meet Your Children's Book Mentor:  Andrew L. Ramirez

  Author of 8 Children's Books: including Rise Beyond - Always Believe in Yourself and Your Dreams, and The Adventures of Alex and Andi - True Stories. Real Family.

  Creator of Children's Book Blueprint:  The quickest and easiest way publish your first children's book.  The process is so simple it's WEIRD.
  Dream Maker:  Andrew's students have published their first children's book in as little as 5 weeks - an accomplishment they never thought possible.
  Dedicated Father:  When Andrew is not helping people with children's books, you'll find him chasing his 5 daughters around on the soccer field or BBQing in his back yard.
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This is a Hands-On, Get-it-Done, One-of-a-Kind Workshop
Are You Ready to Take Action?
This is NOT for Homeschooling Moms Who...
  Want to learn the ins and and outs of the book industry
  Only want to get published by a big name publisher
  Want want to become the next best-selling author
  Are worried their story won't be PERFECT
  Will get stuck in analysis paralysis
  Are money motivated
Meet Your Children's Book Mentor:  Andrew L. Ramirez

  Author of 8 Children's Books: including Rise Beyond - Always Believe in Yourself and Your Dreams, and The Adventures of Alex and Andi - True Stories. Real Family.

  Founder of K.A.R.E. Solutions: a Social Emotional Learning Company Dedicated to Kindness, Awareness, Response-Ability and Empowerment. 
  Creator of Hero's Journey Academy:  The Official "Pick-Your-Path" Program For Authors Who Want To Publish And Profit from Their Books on a Personalized Path
  Creator of Rise and Be Kind:  The Signature Social Emotional Learning Workshop Designed to Educate, Enrich and Empower inner-city K-8 students. 
Write a Children's Book in 5 Days for $25...NO Book Industry or Writing Experience Preferred
(Especially If You Don’t Care About Being a Best-Selling Author )
5-Day Challenge for $25:
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Writing Your Book is Where Your Future Begins...
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"Career Day Blow Away...A Stay-At-Home Publishing Biz?"
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*Why Is This Amazing Challenge Free?
1. These are unprecedented times and I want to help you bring your message to life - risk-free.  
2. You don't know me, like me, or trust me (yet).  This is my shameless opportunity to WOW you so you might buy other products and services from me in the near future. 
Here are a Couple of My Books (Including the Accident)
This is the first book I wrote on accident.  
This started it all.
How do you explain the death of a family pet to a child?  
This was my answer.
Here's a Peak at a Few Things You'll be Learning (and Applying)
Secret #1: The "Walk in the Park" Technique
How to find the best story to write that you can finish in the next 5 days.
Secret #2: The Jump for Joy Process
Use these 3 simple steps to finish your book while the kids nap.
Secret #3: The Clever Copy Technique
Use this simple (and ethical) copy technique to get done - fast.
Frequently Asked Questions
How long will the challenge last?
The challenge will run 5 consecutive days from June 29-July 3.  Each day will be about 1 hour (1-2pm PST)*  

*Subject to change.
Where will I access the challenge?
Once inside, you will be given a link to access a private Facebook group.  This is for members only.  

The entire challenge - the live workshop, conversations, content, support community and any related resources -  will be housed inside of the private Facebook group.
What if I don't know anything about the book industry?
Great!  I wrote my first book on accident.  I knew nothing about the book industry.  

It's actually a benefit that you don't know anything about the book industry - you'll come with an open mind and heart. ♥
What if I've been rejected in the past by a publisher?
Many authors believe that rejection from a publisher means that there work isn't good enough to publish.  That is NOT the case.  

Publishers, in many cases, want to see that a potential client has a platform. 

Platform?  Think music industry and YouTube.  Unless you have X Million viewers or subscribers, record labels don't want to touch you.  

The same goes for books.  No platform (aka - X  amount of readers that you've engaged), no deal.  

We'll be talking self-publishing so you can get that a finished book in your hands as quickly as possible.  
What if I'm not much of a writer and am certainly not an author?
I have 7 children's books that I've written and a few others that are not children's books.  I still don't consider myself much of a writer.  

And the "author" thing, that's the title you'll earn once you are done with the 5 day challenge - assuming you do the work.
What if I'm not an artist? 
I am the farthest thing you could imagine from being an artist.  No artistic skills, no worry.  

We'll discuss several ways, paid and free, to get your book illustrated. 
What if I miss one (or all) of the workshops?
I get it.  You are busy.  You got a schedule to keep.  You might be in a different time zone for goodness sake.  No worry.

I'll be recording all 5 days of workshops and posting them inside of the private challenge Facebook group.  

You'll have access to all of the training inside throughout the duration of the challenge - and even a few days after 😉
What if I want access to the recordings after the workshop?
Once in, you'll have an option to add lifetime access to the recordings of the workshop.  The choice is yours.  
Are there any refunds?
If you join the challenge, and for whatever reason are not completely satisfied, you can send me an email to and request a refund at any time.  
You Don't Want to Be Left Out, Do You?
These Folks Had Doubts Too.  But Not Anymore!
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